Kayak it!

Kayak it!


Right across the street from the Harborview is one of the best breakfast spots on the Coast. Irish’s Mooring Café is a local friendly gathering spot that has home-made corned beef hash that is the best you’ll find. And they can also pack you up a lunch to take with you that will keep you going all day!


Then we’ll go on an adventure with the fun folks at Kayak Tillamook, a co-op owned and operated by it’s employees. The range of trips is as endless as the bodies of water around Tillamook Bay. Flatwater, whitewater, tours, treasure hunts, you name it, they do it.



You’ll want to call them ahead of time at 503-866-4808  or book a trip online at kayaktillamook.com.

The type of trip and when your tour leaves will determine when you want to head over to the starting point.



Regardless of when or where your kayaking trip is, you’ll probably have some time to sightsee either before or after your trip.

Our Top 10 things to see and do around Garibaldi lists 3 of the best museums on the Coast to go see, whatever your interests!

Right here in Garibaldi you’ll find the Garibaldi Maritime Museum. The museum is chartered to preserve the maritime heritage of the Pacific Northwest by collecting information concerning Captain Robert Gray and Captain Robert Gray’s historical vessels, the Lady Washington and the Columbia Rediviva.

Among the museum displays are models of the Columbia and Lady Washington, an eight foot tall reproduction of the Columbia’s figurehead, a half model of the Columbia showing how the ship was provisioned for the long voyage, as well as reproductions of the clothing of the seafarers and musical instruments.


And just 10 miles south in downtown Tillamook, is the Tillamook Pioneer Museum. The history of Tillamook County serves as a reminder of the diverse people who have called it home. From the Tillamook Indians to Captain Gray’s 1788 voyage into Tillamook Bay, this stretch of the north Oregon coast is a living memorial to those who came before. Tillamook County’s rich history is preserved for all to enjoy at the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum.


They offer audio tours, guest speakers, and rotating art installations so there’s always something new to explore.

And last, but not least, by any means, comes the Tillamook Air Museum just south of Tillamook on Hwy 101. As if the Museum building weren’t enough (the collection is inside a WW II blimp hangar, the world’s largest wooden structure) the air machines displayed are even more amazing!

Among the airplanes you’ll see are a P-38 Lightning, a P-51 Mustang fighter, an F-14 Tomcat, an F-4 Corsair, and a Bf-109 Messerschmitt. Many of these planes are in flying condition and on weekends, you may see them flying around overhead or even get a ride on of them!


We just found out that the Air Museum is moving to Madras! They’ll probably begin moving planes in the Spring of NEXT YEAR! If you want to see these planes, go see them NOW!


After your full day of boating and museums, you’ll want to enjoy a delicious dinner before crawling back into your comfortable bed at the Harborview. And right in downtown Garibaldi is a great place to stop off on your way home to our place.

The Ghost Hole Public House is about 4 blocks from the Harborview and is a fun, friendly spot where a lot of the locals go to while away the evening hours. Named after one of our most prolific fishing holes, The Ghost Hole has the best selection of local microbrews as well as the only place in town to get really good pizza.


And the BEST thing about The Ghost Hole is that it’s walking distance from the Harborview! Get some sleep because we’re off tomorrow on another fabulous adventure.




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